Meet Your Star Family!

Where am I from? Where was I before I went to earth? Who is my galactic family? If you are curious for more insight, I invite you to a special event! From the 5D Café, every Monday at 20:00, we will make multidimensional contact together on Monday 8 April.

CE5 contact

We use the CE5 protocol (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) by Dr. Steven Greer. He is a well-known proponent of the idea that there is extraterrestrial life and that there has already been contact between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations. Through consciousness expansion and meditation, we can then make contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Participation in this special event is free for members of 5Ddating. Not a member yet? You can sign up for free here.

The program is as follows:

20:00 - Welcome and explanation

20:15 - Meditation

20:45 - Invite Star Family

21:15 - Sharing experience

21:30 - Closing

What do you need:

- Computer or laptop with Zoom

- Camera and microphone (turned off during meditation)

- Headphones

- Quiet area

- Positive intentions

- Open heart

Eva van Zeeland will guide the session and answer all your questions. See you on April 8th!

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About the author
As a child I had big life questions that I couldn't get answers to. Why are we here on earth, what is my role and why do we have to die? Now I know that I am here to shine my light, to shine and raise the vibration so that we can grow as a collective to a higher consciousness. We can remember again that we are powerful energetic beings with super powers, such as self-healing. Like you, I lost family, friends and acquaintances during my awakening process. Fortunately, I have met many new people who see what I see. So don't worry, you're not alone. We're in this together!
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