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Meet Like-minded Souls

The Light Warrior community is a safe place for you to be you, without any fear of judgment.

Raise Collective Energy

Join with the Collective Energy of the other ambassadors who all share the same beliefs & values.

Step In To Your Mission

The place to find, nurture & expand your purpose & mission.

Watch all MasterClasses

Every month you can join our MasterClass on different multidimensional  topics. You can also watch all the replays!

Make Contact With Your Higher Self And Guides

The Great Cosmic ShowEvery month we have a live online Cosmic MasterClass for our ambassadors. During this MasterClass you discover how you can consciously make contact with your higher self and guides from the universe. Activate your inner knowledge and knowing.

In the MasterClass you meet different speakers, each with their own knowledge. You can also contact other participants via chat and ask questions to the speakers.

werkboekBefore each MasterClass you will receive an online workbook in which you can keep track of your personal experiences and afterwards you can also watch the replay of each session in the Light App so that you can watch it back. This is also useful in case you can't attend live.

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Watch MasterClass Replay

The app gives you access to all recordings of the past MasterClasses. This way you can easily look back in your own time and space!

Starseed Stories

Hear stories from other starseeds through The Great Cosmic Show's weekly Talk Show and Podcast. Listen will driving, cooking or gardening.

Community Talk

Chat via the app with like-minded people about everything that interests you, share your experience and learn from each other.

Cosmic News & Updates

Stay up to date with all the Cosmic News, Talk Shows, Podcasts and Events from The Great Cosmic Show via the app.
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We Are All Connected, We Are ONE!

NEW! ONE LOVE Magazine

Ambassadors will be the first to receive (this winter) my new online ONE LOVE magazine with topics as the 5D new earth, mass ascension, self-healing technology and stories from starseeds.

online magazine
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FAQ for The Light Ambassador

Can use the app on my mobile phone?

'The Light by Eva' app is designed for iPhone, iPad and Android. But we also have a internet version. You can download the app on this page.

Can anyone be an Ambassador?

If you feel that you want to support and learn more about your own multidimensionality than YES your are definitely an Ambassador of The Light!

Is all the content only in English?

For now 50% English and 50% Dutch: the Cosmic MasterClass is still in Dutch and we have a lot of Dutch Talk Shows and Podcasts.

What kind of membership is this?

The Light Ambassador is a monthly payment subscription that provides access to exclusive content. If you become a member and do not cancel the monthly membership, your membership will continue without interruption. Immediately after payment you will receive an e-mail with all the information.

What are the topics of the MasterClass?

In the app you can watch the MasterClass replay (900 min.) of topics about: Channeling, Regression, Frequencies and Twinflame. Also Meditations and Activations!


I'm here to shine my light and show you how to embrace your weirdness!

Eva van Zeeland: As a child I had big life questions that I couldn't get answers to. Why are we here on earth, what is my role and why do we have to die? Now I know that I am here to shine my light, to shine and raise the vibration so that we can grow as a collective to a higher consciousness. We can remember again that we are powerful energetic beings with super powers, such as self-healing. Like you, I lost family, friends and acquaintances during my awakening process. Fortunately, I have met many new people who see what I see. So don't worry, you're not alone. We're in this together!
Isis Wings