It's Time To Remember Who You Are!

Welcome Starseeds, Lightworkers, Game Changers, Awake Souls and all Earth Angels!

We Are Galactic Energetic Beings, Temporary Living On Earth In A Human Spacesuit, Experiencing The Separation Of Oneness.

"Het delen van ervaringen 

is enorm belangrijk!"

Wetenschapper dr. Ir. Coen Vermeeren

Your Mission On Planet Earth

Share Your Multidimensional Experiences

You are not crazy! And you are not alone! In The Great Cosmic Show we create a save environment where you can share your multidimensional experiences. By listening to these real life stories our viewers raises the awareness and gets activated within. The goal is to help people to open up and tell their own stories to family and friends. To let everyone know they are not alone or even crazy. Bringing starseeds out of isolation. The show contains interviews and information on matters on which we can expand our knowledge and elevate our growth. So feel save to share your story, the time is now!