Who Are They, Who Are We?

Now is the time to remember who you are!


Why are we here on earth, what is my rol?

Eva van Zeeland: As a child I had big life questions that I couldn't get answers to. Why are we here on earth, what is my role and why do we have to die? Now I know that I am here to shine my light, to shine and raise the vibration so that we can grow as a collective to a higher consciousness. We can remember again that we are powerful energetic beings with super powers, such as self-healing. Like you, I lost family, friends and acquaintances during my awakening process. Fortunately, I have met many new people who see what I see. So don't worry, you're not alone. We're in this together!

My role as a Galactic Press Officer is to ensure that the press, media and people of Earth are correctly informed about the contact already present and yet to come!

Talk Show host
Eva van Zeeland

Galactic Press Officer and Spokesperson

As a galactic press officer, I am a spokesperson for extraterrestrial or multidimensional contact. My role is to ensure that the press, media and people of Earth are correctly informed about the contact already present and the contact yet to come. So that humanity is aware of its evolution from homo sapiens to homo galacticus. The new human is coming! Feel free to contact me for anything reality to this topic. 

Our Cosmic Mission

To help you remember who YOU are and to show you how to raise your vibration and have lots of FUN.
We provide you information through this website.

We organize events and meet-ups and the possibility to share your multidimensional experiences.
Our Podcasts and Talk Shows contain interviews and information on matters we on which we can expand our knowledge and elevate our growth.

And we feel that Earth and her inhabitants are ready for the next step in evolution.

We Are All Connected, We Are Stardust

Cosmic Goal

We all have the possibility to tap into the - never sleeping - collective awareness.

The world have seen so far is devided and conquered by Entities of human and non-human origins
that have been manipulating al sorts of life including humankind for their own agenda's, for ages.

Now the time has come to end the global abuse and abduction of the minds, hearts, bodies and souls.
Our goal is to reach out to as many people and other lifeforms as we can.

To support and feed the Light, warmth and Hearthness we humans have from birth.
we want to raise Awareness and keep the high spirits alive.  

We support Oneness in the hearts.

As humanity we are able to co-operate on the base of loving and caring for each other
and with each other and other lifeforms that are able and willing to do so in name of Life.

What's your story?

So now its time that you share your story! Have you had a multidimensional experience yourself? Do you have a remembrance of your past life’s? Did you see a UFO or other exceptional phenomenon? Let us know!