Energy fields around us

Energy fields around us

Have you ever noticed the tention within a room? Or the difference of what you feel when you approach someone you (not) know? Besides body warmth and scentless hormones we produce, we have an energyfield that is noticable. Even from a distance. And even when we enter an empty room where a huge concentration of energy was formed. We can tune into energies, change them and create them.

People are able to (learn to) feel Energies around them. From Natural Energies to energies from animals and other people.

If we are more aware of our own energy fields and the way we (ab)use them we could change our world immensely. By getting hold of our emotions and deal with them with respect and compassion to ourselves. to balance out our disproportional emotinos and keep a clear mind. So that we are not spawning negative vibes to our surrounding.  
Anger is a powerful emotion that go outwards and inwards.  No emotions is "bad" on itself.
it is how we deal with it, with these 'vibrations' or 'energieforms'. Do we enhance them and feed them? Or do we use them to learn and evolve. Not to become affraid of them but embrace them as a quality we pocess. And as an Energyforce we can transform for the better. Because emotions are also energetic vibrations. we can tune them.

People, animals and plants are able to feel, experience and exchange energy.

In the forest

Next time before you enter a forest, try to become aware of your feelings, emotions and state of mind.  Are you relaxed, happy or sad? Do you have a clouded mind or clear one? Do you feel energetic or drained?  When you are aware of yourself and the way you feel, enter the forest with this state of consciousness. Notice if you feel any different during your hike.
Maybe some areas give you a different vibie, Energy, felling. Maybe you feel more drowsy or more clear headed.  The forest has energiefields, there are energies and there lives a lot of energyforms. All living beings influence eachother. Plants, insects, birdrs, trees,mamals etcetera.
Don't forget the fungus; the mycorrhizal networks underground that have immense impact on the lives of plants and trees in the forest. All is connected and humankind is part of it.


Go lean against several trees. An oak, a pine tree, a beech tree or birch.
Find an open area and area's with lots of trees together.
Notice any difference?
You could write down notes and compare them when you go another (day)time.

Animals and People

Animals in general are very sensitive to energy changes. They feel things humans mostly are not aware of. Some people are high sensitive and do feel (a lot) more then most people. they recognise behaviour of animals and can relate the behaviour to a change in an energyfield.
When you are happy and enthousiastic or upset and emotional, cats and dogs react differently on a person but they will react nevertheless.  They feel emotions and energies.

A cat for example reacts to the slightest changes of Energy withtin, near or around a person (and house).  It will change "Ghosts" or "Energy beings" that are not visible to (most) humans. 

it is known that dogs can percieve changes within a persons identity. Cases have been recorded on paper and on camera of situations with people with multiple identity disorder.  In this case an adult person sat on a couch. The dog was laying on the ground because the dog was not allowed on the couch. Suddenly the dog stood up and jumped on the couch te greet the person and layed down. At that moment the person switched identity from adult to child, that did allow the dog on the cough. This casus was filmed on camera. The switch in identity was only clear on camera after the dog jumped on the couch.

Horses are very sensitive to the emotions and energies of people. Equitherapy is a form of therapy where the horse is showing in its behaviour what issues the person has that is near the horse or rides the horse. 

A new era - Spiritual growth and insights.

We entered an era in which humankind can evolve more Spiritually and become more aware of the Concious mind, other lifeforms and energyflows. that we all are part of it. That all things and beings are connected.

This article is part of the knowledge base about ways of communication such as a dialogue, talks, bodylanguage, dreamstate, telepathy, hormones and energetic fields.